It’s nice out this morning and as I took my coffee on the front porch, I caught myself reflecting…. And I stopped to wonder if…. I’d a done this or done that… and I begin to wonder if reflecting is worth my mind’s time. Was I turning reflecting into doubting and worry ….. two things I do not like to do.

So I thought I should write this down so I could remind myself that reflecting should be done quickly and with a smile.

I am no writer and don’t pretend to be…. But people like to read my words. I am no singer, but people like to hear my songs. I am no chef, but people love my food. I am no actor, yet I entertain. I am no preacher, yet I preach love. I am no politician, but I have the right to vote for one… and then gripe about the job they don’t do.

The balance of things always seems clear when I reflect. I see how all things are connected and if there is great good, there also exists great bad…. Great happiness is paired with deep sadness, highs and lows …. All through life.

So I see we all face the mighty task of casting a good reflection … a true reflection of what we are and dream to be.

I see so many try to cast reflections of who they think they are while the whole world sees them as they are. The only one fooled is the one trying to “look like” someone they are not. You may think I am one such person and for all I know I may be…. In your eyes.

But in my eyes I see me, I know me and I am me. And when I reflect on me and my reflection, I do it in short spurts and don’t stay there long cause I like me and I ain’t going back in time just to beat myself up. Rather, when I go reflecting, I try to pat myself on the back and be proud of doing the best I could at all things I did and the reflections I cast upon others.

Today I had to remind myself that the here and now is the most important reflection in existence. I will shine today so that all around me will sparkle and they will reflect on this day and my reflection will be part of their reflection and it will be good …. To see me in their reflection…..

Your reflection is what I am now reflecting on…. Peace ya’ll……