The twelve days of Christmas…. I declare this the first day. December 13th is the first day. Today! And I declare it so… so I will be blogging for hopefully 12 straight days with my thoughts and what gifts I would give if I were able.

When I found this shot, I had just finished my blog and it immediately struck me and sent me to Christmas past. As I looked through my files of many happy moments, this one stuck with me. So I went back to it and in my mind's eye, I placed dear loved ones who have passed to a better place and I fell into a spell where each filled the chairs and we sat and chatted and I was moved and filled with love and rememberance and it was good.

Hope, first and foremost, that each of you can find and feel the joy of the season. And I hope your New Year is a blessing to many and a smile leaves your eyes with each glance.

Family coming together just makes them SMILE through their eyes until it reaches laughter in the stomach,. LtoR: daughter Christen, sister-in- laws Lindy & Melanie, daughter Ashley.

You know I do get an extra boost of love and affection at Christmas time for some reason. It’s not the buying of goods and gifts, it’s not the parties, it’s not the ceremony and rituals, it’s not anything material.

It is the love of all the things Christmas appears to be, none exist without love. Love is kinda big – a big word – means a lot – says a lot – and hard for many to say – much less do. I can’t tell you how my heart fills and swells with Christmas Love. It’s unexplainable, but it happens to me. And I bet it happens to you too.

Nothing like the love of family and we seem to more of it around Christmas than any other time of the year.

If we could agree that people are kinder, happier, more giving, and more charitable at this time of year, then we can ask ourselves why? Why do we feel more love, why do we seek family and share meals with friends, and family, why do we feel the urge to help the less fortunate, why do we drop money in the Salvation Army bucket… only at Christmas time?

I believe, strangely enough, that it has to do with the energy of masses of people focused on the same thing… the message of Christmas… the message of Love…. And I further believe that we could, as a nation, as a state, as a county, as a city, as a civic group, as a church, as a family, and individually…. focus on love and peace and it would be so. I think Christmas has proven that year after year. Can we not see this?

We have a perfect, tried and true example of what mass focus can mean to the amount of love in our hearts. Is your heart not filled with joy and swelling with the season of Christmas? Well, if it ain’t, focus on love. Take your neighbor some cookies, say “Merry Christmas” to those you meet, put on some Christmas music, and if you are alone, just close your eyes and go back in time in your mind’s eye and see all again as it was… when family was there, and loved ones were there, and love was there… and love will flow your way.

Ya’ll, I love Christmas and yet I feel the pain of those who dread the day because of recently lost loved ones. I am missing my past loved ones, both family and friends. So I go to a time in my mind when we happily frolicked through life and enjoyed Christmas together. And I smile as I stay in that memory all the day long.

Remembering the one we lost, but lives on!

Jack, Jackson and Jay - Generations apart yet together at Christmas.

On the first day of Christmas I give to you…..


so that you may go to that happy place that only you know of…. where your love is stored. Yes, I give you silence and the pathway to your love… so you can share it with others and you can glow as you carry that memory with you.

We must seek out silence, even if it’s just for a moment and if you really want to learn and feel and care… “Never pass up a chance to shut up” …. and listen…. and be silent… and then show your love, not your ass.

If we all concentrated and focused on love like we do at Christmas, what a great life this would be.

So I am thankful that we, as a people, at least take one month out of the year to be giving, caring and loving… My wish is for love to fill your heart as you gather and share meals with family and friends and somehow, someway, we can keep our hearts full the year through….

I will now shut up and go into silence… and go to my happy place with my Momma and my loved ones gone and actively love those still here…. more and more and sometime, someday, we will all have love and peace….. all ways, always.