… “do the thing and you will have the power”…..Ralph Waldo Emerson.

me and my daddy, Jack

me and my daddy, Jack

Bloggin again…… while not bloggin and only facebooking I wondered why blog? What on earth did I think I was doing? So I went back and read quite a few of my older blogs, having forgotten what each said. I soon knew one reason I wrote was so I could remember…. My memory used to be sharp and detailed but not now. If and when I forget stuff, my blogs have created me a personal library of my memories, lessons, and losses; a journal of thoughts that might not otherwise pass my way again in another time space.

I was comforted to read my words and began to realize what the reason, the thread, of my bloggin was.

And it is this…. I love myself, I love being me, I love sharing me with others, I want to be of service…. To many ….. to teach love, respect and family…. So I blog and try to live a good life. I try to keep it light and positive. As a result I now meet many people that speak to me with a bright faces when speaking to me about reading my blogs; sending me to a peace that passes understanding.

By tryin to do something that hopefully helps others be bigger than their problems, feel and share love more deeply, focus on family, and laugh a little, I have a fulfillment of the heart. The fulfillment one gets from striving to be of assistance and caring and sharing …..as a result, I am loved by many …. That do and don’t know me…. Because of my sharing of my words and deep inner thoughts with each of you, I am more connected and committed to you… and me.

I can feel the power in the numbers of those who read and enjoy the journeys of Jay. I then go with you, if you take my words with you. We are connected and if I go with you, you then go with me and we have collective goodwill. Lots of folks want me to succeed and do good things and that gives me the Slight Edge… the force of nature that is either with you or against you.

There is a constant energy at work in us all and it is either working for you…. or against you… or put differently… the good forces takes you forward and up and the bad forces take you forward and down…. laws of nature – forces known and unknown, working together to be “Earth”…. As imperfect humans we don’t always recognize the evident. We are all connected and can change the world if we so choose. It happens every day… for profit and charity…for better or worse… the world is changed. I feel a need to do my part…. Blogging is one way I can reach more people, effect more change, and be a peacemaker, a better dad and person.SONY DSC

I love to read other people’s views and philosophies, and life stories. I wanted my life story told as I saw it…. I guess, subconsciously. I believe anyone can learn from my mistakes…. Even me. So I blog… and jog my minds eye open, and look in my heart and see what I can find…. When I find time….or make it.

This is a NEW ERA of blogs. The Jay calendar has begun with the official ending of the Mayan Calendar. Jay Daze ahead and the Jay Calendar says: its always today…. If you are waiting on tomorrow, refer back to the Mayan Calendar…. That says there is no tomorrow as of December something 2012. There is only today and that is the Jay Calendar.

So today I am thankful for today and all the life that lives in this moment and the next. I hope you have a great New Era…. New Year….. today.

Don’t wait till tomorrow to start living your dreams…. There is only today. It is so easy to wait and plan and delay starting on living your dreams…but it is just as easy to start…. I encourage you to take the first step on the path to living your dreams in the NOW…. Today.

In the coming blogs I will try to teach what I know about the Slight Edge… the force of nature, and how you can use it today and every day and anyone can do it.

If I can do it …. You can do it.

Do you want to hear my story?

– It starts out….there I was a red-headed, snaggled toothed, freckled face, crew cut and outta place, insecure kid, being moved from town to town, facing a new bully in each and the pressure of a preacher father’s right hand pushing me to a place I would not achieve…. Ever. But this is what little Jay boy did and learned along the way…..scan0003

My journey in this life has lead me to right here, right now, and nothing I could have done would have put me in a different time or space, because the book of life, as are all books, is written before it is read…. Think about that and now think about how you want the book of your life to read from right now forward…. Write the ending, beginning now…. Is your ending a short story or an adventure of dream seeking and living?

I’m putting a book marker at 2012’s end and 2013’s beginning. And I am gonna check the Jay Calendar each day I have a today and remind myself…. There is only today.

Hope you have a lifetime of great 2days starting…. TODAY! You can do it…. I will help show you how I think and navigate the 2days through helping others get through their 2days.

I leave you with this to take with you…. live fully, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly and happiness will find you…. and take haven there…I said that…from experience. I am happy to say…you can do it..if I can…anyone can.

I hope to see your comments and thoughts on our new blog page and website and may the force go with you…and take you 2 who you wanna be.