On the 8th day…

I give you music, a song in your heart, in your mind, on the radio, at church, in the shower, when dreaming, and with every mood and situation, I give you a song.

cutting my CD...cause I wanted 2....give u music

Music has always been close 2 my heart, from the 1st lullaby to the last song I ever write. As the Christmas music plays, it’s taken me 2 a time and place in my soul and my whole being feels free from the reality of stuff.

Music is my timeline. When I want to go back, I think of my favorite songs of the past and I can put myself right where I 1st heard the song or liked it or played it over and over. Some songs take me 2 an entire era, others to a specific day. Only old photos come close as a vehicle of choice to travel the past.

Music is much more than a time travel machine. It captures our every mood and excites or soothes us with each new song. It is an art form that is Universal and transcends languages and cultures.

Christmas music is the foundation of Christmas time. Cantatas, old favorites, and every great musician and artist have Christmas songs. They love and feel it too.

Music is made for me and my needs. I even make my own and it is very humbling, yet liberating, and I understand the luck involved in having my music be good or played by someone who might enjoy it.

None the less, I write music, I sing songs, mine and my favs, nearly constantly in my head or aloud.

It’s like the humming we used 2 hear when the elders sat on the porch and hulled peas or the farmer worked in the field…humming a song or even singing aloud…. as they work or ready themselves for work. It sets a mood and elapses time and transforms time…into our time….Thats why I’m singing my song as I go along with whatever deed busies my hands.

Right now, I am humming, “If I Were A Painter,” by Nora Jones, ’cause every time I sense the loneliness that comes from my mother no longer being here it comforts me. “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus,” is playing in the Broken Spoke and right now I can see her face, when we would sing that song in the car on the way to PaPaw Ralph’s for Christmas Eve. She would look at Daddy and smile with a twinkle in her eye.

This Christmas has taken some strange turns in our family. It’s nearly scary. We don’t even go to Dad’s. Lu will be in Knoxville, Suzie Gran is gone, Keith is gone, and so is a lot of joy 2 many in the families of the world.

Diana’s mom is mourning the death of a son. There will be no presents this year at her family gathering and sandwiches and and cards will replace the annual “Big 2 Do”. I wonder if I will attend, but rather drive to Milan and see The Williams Family. They 2 lost Dr. Phil way 2 early.

When i need an example or simple inspiration of the good in the world I travel 2 see Mrs. Barbara…listen 2 the chatter and laughter…that is music to my ears.

Milan is my hometown and I am singing, “I’ll Be Home For Christmas,” and I will be…as long as I have a song….and a my truck and some gas money.

remember these silver christmas trees?

So sing your song and spread the joy you get and if you’re sad, as many are this time of year, go listen to somebody sing or a choir or just quietly hum your happy song. I sense you will be lifted and feel better even if you already feel great…..Sing…do you know this one?

“Do you feel what I feel?”

“Do you see what I see?”

“Do you hear what I hear?”……

I hear a song…a song of love…..

“Do you know what I know?…..

“Do you hear what I say?” … and the song says…..pray for peace and happiness for all of mankind, …..especially your neighbor and family…and me, I said that.

I pray you all find a song in your heart so I give you Music!

“Joy To The World,” and that includes you.

Note 2 Readers…as I repost this my Dad lies dying of Cancer in the Hardin County Medical Center…and most likely this will be his last day on Earth…and we will sing Glory to God on the Highest…and Go rest high on that Mt….with the Father Son and Holy Ghost….and momma and Dr. Phil and Momma Vera…I hope and …Sing

Jack H Barker ...my Dad...with Great, Great Grandson ..Silas

Jack H Barker …my Dad…with Great, Great Grandson ..Silas