I am sitting at my desk at the Spoke as I pen this and its 12:44am and we are still busy in the Bar. It is such a joy to see everyone so festive and looking good. I love Christmas Time. The ladies were all dressed in Christmas red and tall boots… I love me some boots… any way… as I sip a Modelo, I realize I will have no time tomorrow to write my blog so i sit down and….. write.

Dec 18th is our 30th wedding anniversary (Today). i am very proud Diana….She is my Lady Di. My Princess.My Soul mate. Its hard to believe its been thirty years. Thats more than half my life. And it is good. (Now it has been another year…31 yrs ….this is a copy of last yrs 6th day of Christmas)

Things haven’t always been perfect or even good, but they always seem to end up that way. We dream together and work together and sleep together. I can hardly sleep if she is not there. I cant get a blog done, a project finished, or bill payed without her. I probably depend on her more than i should, but she is always up to the task. She is stout.

I have learned not to speak to her before she has had two cups of coffee each morning, and that suits me. I have learned that her “schedule of the order of the day” is very important to her, and yet i still seem to mess it up each day with an unlisted request or chore. She always fits me in, but not always with joy… none the less she fits my stuff in her schedule. She’s sensitive to my needs.

She loves me when people tell her, “He’s a flirt”, “why does he wear them tight pants and cut-off shirts”, “how do you put up with him?” and on and on.

And on the other hand, the folks that know us envy our marriage or hope 2 imitate it, best they can. We live a simple but exciting life and there is never a dull moment between work and travel and children and grand-children. She has put up with my friends for years that crowded our house, hanging out drinking and smoking and such. She was put through “Woman Hell” by “Men Friends”. She’s stout.

When i went to jail for pot, her family and others tried to get her to leave “that sorry son of a”.. so and so. Instead she stood strong and defended me, and loved me, and cared for my affairs while i was locked down. She is much stronger than me, yet so soft. Soft Hearted 2 Me. and her first kiss sealed the deal for me and her. “The Kiss”

I asked her yesterday “what made you marry me?”. And without hesitation, she said, “It was that first kiss.” So on the sixth day, i give you “The Kiss”.

When you think about it it seems to be a strange way to get to know someone and love someone, but it works. Each of us can tell if a Kiss holds love. Just recently Diana and i have made a new house rule. Before we part ways in the morning, we must engage in a “Romantic Kiss”. A Kiss that says I love u deeply. For years with us it was “you’re not gonna kiss me goodbye?”, and a peck was given and we were gone.

It never seemed insufficient but it never felt real good either, none the less it was a kiss. Now the new “Romantic Kiss” in the morning has often created a situation where we both changed plans for a moment of “quality time”; in each others arms, just standing there swapping love stares into each others eyes. And we no its all we dream of…because it takes us back 2 day 1 all over again. That’s what we need and crave, the feeling of a first kiss every morning. Or at least I do. And She always gives one …or 2 or 3…

The kiss, soft and slow, tender and wet, long and meaningful, forever lingers in my mind each time our lips touch. I swear. Its true. Our lips were made for each other and our love life always responds to a “Romantic kiss”. She will probably be embarased by this post, til I lean over and Kiss her. We are married…Its ok ya’ll. I’ve see a lot of couples quit kissing after they got married…. and then divorced.

I gotta go home now, it is 1:58 AM and when i crawl into the bed she will make a sweet sound of approval and move to cuddle with me and we will and its life at its best as we float into sleeps dreamland.

I encourage you to give your mate or loved one a “Romantic Kiss”. And not just a peck, a first kiss, with meaning and passion and i promise you, you will be able to tell if they love you still, or ever did. And they can tell if you still love them too. My bet is ya’ll all love each other. You might just be lettin 2 much of your bad sensitive side take over….and not Kissin enough…just sayin…I sure love my every Kiss over these 30 years….just like the first one.

Now thats what I am talking about....tell me what I say...Happy Anniversary Diana, I love you and your ....kiss

I wish i could talk to you longer today, but its been a busy day for us today.

We will start by going to the Hardin County Jail and feeding the inmates and officers a delicious catfish, hushpuppie, slaw and french fries lunch at 11:30,

I still have a deep sensitivity for those imprisoned and their families. I feel their pain and each Christmas we try to visit… In the past years, often with all the kids, and try to let inmates know someone is thinking of them and hoping for them and on this day, feeding them the best Catfish in the World. And Diana and I do it together and with joy. It feels so good, but we always come away with teary eyes.”

I still cry when i think of the pain my wife, momma, kids, felt while i was in jail, and they didn’t deserve that pain. Even though the trip to the jail brings back painful memories, we sense the need…. to go, together, and share a little of our time and catfish with these 120 inmates. Christmas in jail?… I just shake my head at the thought of it, They outta let most of em go home and be with their families, for the day… I sense… they might be better inmates and husbands and mothers because of such a courtesy. That aint gonna happen this year, so off we go to jail; the Justice Center and it will be our first visit inside the new Jail.

And then we are on “Anniversary Time”, when we get in the car and see where it goes. And we laugh and talk and shop and eat and love. So if we miss you tomorrow, that means your not in jail, so kiss the one you love…I suggest a “Romantic Kiss”… works for me and Diana… For thirty years, and counting.

I love you Diana, you are my dream wife in my Dream Life, and you make it so Real.

“Now come here and let me kiss you baby…. bye yall

Note….My son Nick typed this for me around 3:30am….and it is his fingers and his love for his daddy that this blog is blogged….thanks Nick…I hope she likes it and gives me a big ole kiss after she reads it and sees it….If not , I’ll just have to go give her one.