You know in the song the 5th day, 5 golden rings were given. That was quite a gift. So today I want 2 give you some deep thoughts – 5 of um – for you 2 consider.

1st Absolute Truths…Do they exist? Is there truth to be had and used that never fails under any condition or circumstance, or study? I think so.

I believe we live in dimensions and layers and what we see and believe are all based on what we know. And we know very little in the scope of things. Especially me. I realize I know very little of the Knowledge of the Universe and the human being, but what I do know is I love um both. I often say, “no good deed goes unpunished”…and you may think that’s bull, but let me say this. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction…somewhere. For every good action there is an equal opposite action.

I ask Robert Barbour this morning if he could give me an absolute truth and without pausing these are the words he said,

“For anything to be absolutely true, the absolute opposite must also exist.”

And I asked him, “Does this mean you think there is no truth?”

Robert said, “No and yes, truth and no-truth co-exist.”

And he said, “Yeah, it’s like the sun has to set for it to rise.”

Well, I understood what he was saying, and off he went to the Spoke to make She Crab Soup and that’s the truth.

I believe while I live in this dimension, I will live by what I believe 2 be Absolute Truths. Time-tested principles that effect my every decision will be my Truths. So I will share mine with you.

1) I believe that Love conquers all, comforts all, and endures forever and ever.

I think it is very simple, way 2 simple for really “smart” people of science and religion. We all know love and the absence of it. We feel it when it’s gone and when it is here. It overcomes bad every time they encounter…Love or Hate…I stand on my “rock” and love is the foundation.

Love and God and Light and Word, are all interchangeable words. If you are one of those who say God ain’t real, do you believe in Love? If you say yes or know you’ve felt love, then you have felt God, Light, and the Word. Those of us who believe in God believe God is Love, God is Light, God is the Word. That being said and believed, the words are interchangeable.

So therefore, nonbelievers do believe in Love, Light, and Words.

Imagine a life void of light, void of word, void of love…and you can imagine….It would be hell wouldn’t it?

Love seems 2 me to be the thing we seek the most and if we find it, our soul and body feel its warmth and we are a glowing happy person…without it we are not whole and happy. Love is comfort food for the soul. Folks need it so I try 2 give it away every chance I get and there is always enough 2 go around…(like the 5 fish story.) Love makes things noticeable and visible, we see things that without it go unseen. As you receive and give love, love magically grows deeper and we understand its meaning more and the depths of love grow infinitely.

2) I believe in the Light…without Light we are nothing. The absence of light is called Darkness and in this world in which we live, there would be no life without light. Recently, super colliders have collided the smallest particles of the atoms we are constructed of, and because of light, they were able to witness those tiniest of particles explode into…organized dots of light. We are light at our very core. No light, no Creation, no nothing. Darkness tries to describe the absence of light but it falls short. The measure of light goes on forever, but the measure of no light has a stopping point at total darkness and then, it gets no darker, yet light gets brighter and brighter with measure.

Believing in light means I believe in you and your light, and everybody…because we are all light. Some shine brighter than others and some chose to live in darkness hiding the light. I sense these in darkness are wanting 2 see the light…I hope they do. Light and Love warm and comfort us all the days of life. Each of us know this if we have any sense at all.

The question then is, do you believe GOD IS LOVE, and GOD IS THE LIGHT? I do…and that’s the rock I stand on. I see God in all things, as the Native American Indians did, because I believe God is the LIGHT.

3) I believe in the Word.

We as a society and a people and a creation must depend on WORDS to do most anything we do. We would be less without words and thoughtless and ignorant…possibly a rock or a tree, or just water.

Who gave us the first WORD? And how do we know if that 1st word was the truth?

Well all our words are based on that 1st word therefore all our truths are thereto based. Think about that. We can’t read hieroglyphics, nor can I spell the word that stands for symbols on ancient ruins and scrolls…we know with our sensitivity these are words…but we don’t know their truth or meaning…so we don’t even call them words.

Time tested words – LOVE, HATE, GOOD, EVIL, LIGHT, and DARK.

We know these words personally and possess all of them in our being in different amounts. Some beings are nearly full of hate, evil and darkness, but there is a glimmer of love, good, and light. And it can grow and grow, this glimmer can, if we give our light, love, words to those overloaded with darkness, hate, lies.

Sometime long ago….there was the Word and the Light…I believe these words to be true and interchangeable with the word…GOD. If I seek Love, I am seeking GOD. If I seek the Truth, I seek GOD.
If I seek the Light, and see the Light, I have seen GOD.

So you think I’m weird, but that’s okay? What do you know? Do you know Love? Do you like the Light? Do you believe in Words? I sure hope so.

Finally I give you the 4th and 5th deep thought….. 2 of my favorite “rocks that I build my foundation on which I stand. Faith and Hope. Both mysterious and unexplained but well known.

dream it the way you want it 2 be ...and it can be

With faith comes hope and without hope we have a dismal existence. I stay in constant HOPE for things and people and good fortune, and I have faith hope is stout and real. I have it , so it must be real if i am real, and if i aint real…..aint nobody real. And that’s the truth.

Hope is positive energy sent to a person in need and it comes from within me upon command and I can feel the hope I hold leave my soul on its journey to the person or thing I am hoping for. Really. Try right now sending your hope 2 me so that I might complete this 12 day of Christmas blog and it be of some benefit 2 someone. I have faith you just did ’cause I feel it, even before you read my request in the here and now.

We are all connected…… by faith and hope ….and pure energy…Light.

Faith and Hope are wonderful gifts to give and keep. See the more hope you give, the more hope you have, at least that’s how it is with me. And the faith I have in Love, Light, and Truth, the more content and whole I am. Wanting for nothing but good things to happen…for my kids, my friends, my enemies, my wife, my life, your life, and the World as a whole…That’s hoping for a lot but I have faith that if each of us all hoped at once with faith, we could change the world, move mountains, lift heavy burdens, and yes, even do miracles.

I really believe these things to be true. So i hope nearly constantly…silently as I breathe.

These are the things I call my truths and my Rock and here I stand, in view of everyman, available for your target practice and best shot. Hope my words are true, ’cause I vowed not to lie anymore.

I had an older man work for my landscaping company years ago and like many of our elders he used hope (the word) instead of the word help. He’d say, “let me hope you out.” Hope is help, can you see that.

So this season, created by the birth of Jesus of Nazareth, think about where all this extra love comes from and what you are gonna do with yours this Christmas. Can I Hope you out?

I hope you send a lot of your love out to others who need some, and I’ll be hoping you and yours come together and share words and laughter and food and that nobody gets their lights cut off.

Now you know why we light more lights at Christmas than any other time of year…We love the light and the beauty of it, and it brings into our eyes and soul warmth and love, and we fill with joy at its sight. We do . I see it .

I see it every morning when I awake from darkness…I seek the light. And like the rising of the sun, and I sit in wonderment how somebody figured this whole thing out 2 build it so I can see it, and feel its warmth. And with every sunrise there will be a sunset, a sunset of our lives, and our day or days will be done. And I think about these things often with a cup of coffee and a smile knowing I am here for just a little while. And I marvel at the light and love I have been given and on that I stand.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TIME – Got your lights shining…we do…and so does nearly everybody else.

My sensibility tells me in today’s America, folks ain’t scared of God, but they are scared to say God, or they believe in God, any God. I sense the smartest of people as well as the remotely isolated beings knows God and His Existence but will not say it because they don’t know the word or think the word is not true. They will say love, and they love the light, and live with hope and dreams, and they believe somebody’s words. They really believe in these words and feelings. I sense this, and I feel it necessary to help all of us “Relearn what we already know.”

God is Love, God is Light, God is the Word. This means they are the same…. these words are interchangeable, so if you know one, you know the other.