Dreams don’t always end the way they were in your dream if you live your dream.

Dreams are real or nothing else is!

Dreams of going back into the past allow you to do so. Enjoy your dream time with past love ones, football stardom, visits with the people you have never met while you dream. Who knows, you may never wake up.

Do you have a dream wife, a dream house, a dream life…or do you even dream? If I had to keep my head in this world all the time I would be depressed.

Dreams create anticipation and anticipation of great things is sometimes a better feeling than the real thing when you live it.

Listen to your dreams they are talking to you.

Nearly all great things started with a dream! Dream on my friends…please

To Dream is 2 Hope and Hope is Stout. To Live a Dream is Faith, & giving that Dream all you got is LOVE.

My mind went blank. What could I say now worth your new-found time? So, I sat down and watched tv, finally settling on The X Factor, and listened to young people pour their hearts out in song. Some of it was really moving and I got to thinking how much I love music and the people who make it and sing. These four contestants were trying as hard as they could but 3 out of the 4 won’t be good enough to win top prize. Yet, they will keep on making music and chasing their dream.

On the 3rd Day, I give to you…Dreams.

You know I am living a dream. I have for the longest time, dreamed of owning and running a restaurant and bar. One that had my touch, my food, and my music.
I dreamed of it and in 1980, I gave it a try when I opened a restaurant called, The Rocking Chair. It was wonderful. We made a dream come true on a bad check and big, fuzzy balls, and nothing but lint in my pocket. Under-capitalized is an understatement. But we had fun and learned the biz, and made lifelong friends. But I failed to succeed and it was a hard time for my new family. I tried many dreams thereafter and still dreaming today, even while living a dream.
I have new dreams to live for and chase and hold. I have been blessed with a hard head and a fearless, optimistic outlook, so, I dream on.

I never dreamed I’d write a blog, putting thoughts to paper, other than letters to my love and songs I write.I dream of writing a hit song. I dream of travel and a home in Costa Rica. I dream of building the home myself. I dream of a time when it is all so.

Meanwhile, I tell myself that working 14 hours a day is living a dream. See, sometimes our dreams come true and when they do, we have the responsibility to live it. My dreams are different from yours, if you have any. If you have quit dreaming, I hope it’s because you’re living yours.

Dad always told me, “Son, you got too many irons in the fire.” Well, that was probably true, but it allowed me to live more than one dream at a time. And I think it’s okay to live several dreams at a time. It might not always turn out “successful,” but it was real.
See, when you dream for something and then you get it, it no longer remains a dream and transforms into the Real, the here and now.

This Christmas, I dream of a family filled home and hustle and bustle of children running back and forth, me and Ron having an early coffee, opening some Crown Royal and a bottle of Coke, and toasting on the best time of the year.

And if I can dream it, then it can be. And I say to you, dream it the way you want it to be.
Christmas music by Willie Nelson, singing, “Pretty Paper,” and the house all decked out. I take a moment to dream of Christmases past…for just a moment because I am already sitting, living a dream.
My wife Diana, has been dragged around on some of my dreams ’cause they weren’t all her dreams. Some she sleepwalked through; some she put her heart into and my dream became her dream. Every ambitious dream I tried, she stood by me and the ones that live on, she is the backbone of the structure.
Diana has always dreamed of her own craft room and dreamed a long time for it, and finally her dream was real. My barn was a 5-year-long project, and a 20-year dream, and when it was a shell, she started dreaming of her room right in the middle of my dream. That’s when I realized the only dream that really matters to me is that I make my wife happy…with me. Ya’ll can click the pictures to make them bigger…if you want to.

And when I got her room finished I was happier than her, ’cause I helped her for once, reach her dream instead of her helping me.

I would still be dreaming of having a restaurant, or having a cabin on the creek, or horses to ride, or destinations abroad, and never experience these dreams without her.
She allowed me to dream. And now I am dreaming about her. And I dream all her dreams come true and I hope I am in them.

On this the 3rd Day, with your silence, and your time, Dream.

And if you can dream it, you can live it, and if you aren’t living your dream yet, or already have, keep on dreaming…’cause it can be.

I dream of a day when we all help each other reach their dreams. And I dream of a white Christmas while listening to Elvis song, “I’ll have a blue, blue, blue Christmas without you,” and my wife and family gathered on the early morn of Christmas to see if their dreams come true. And I do my best to fulfill their dreams ’cause that’s my dream. And I can dream it, and it can be.

And someday…I will close my eyes, never to wake from one big dream…I dream.Dreams do come true, with a little help.

Thanks Diana, for making my dreams come true and live on. And thanks for letting me be your dream come true. My Lady Di is my dream-maker, I am the risk-taker and together we make dreams come true and it takes a lot of hard work to live a dream and make it last.
So live on and dream on. If we can dream, there is hope…for PEACE ON EARTH. Merry Christmas Time ya’ll.

a dream come true...

Note from Diana: Jay and I will celebrate our 30th anniversary in 3 days. I can’t imagine my life without him because he is my whole world. I believe that fate put us together, a true match made in Heaven. It never entered my mind to do anything other than “help” him with his big ideas (dreams). I felt it was my duty, so I don’t think I need any “extra credit” for that help, although I am deeply touched by his words here today. As for him making my “dream come true” with a room of my own, truthfully – I thought it would take another 10 years and I’d be too old to make a single thing. To say I am happy is an understatement. I am ecstatic! Now I must “make time” to “spend time” enjoying my room and my door is always open to any of you that would like to “share time” with me. Thank you Jay, for 30 wonderful years of marriage and thank you readers, for using your time to read Jay’s blog. Ya’ll have no idea how much it means to him!

RIGHT NOW I dream this moment lasts and lasts because I am sitting by my baby and she is reaching out to touch my hand, and we hold hands and look into each others eyes…and smile…and dream on.