REPOST…..And on the 2nd day of Christmas …..
I give to you my 2nd blog.

I often take time to sit in silence and watch the sunset. This blog is about time, and what we choose to do with it.

December 14th, today, I think of what to say and what to do. There is so much on my mind and plate…. I wonder do I have time for this.

So I give you TIME. You know we have the same amount of time each day. Each person has to choose how they will use the time given them. Is it time you worked at how you use your time? Today my time seems too short to do all I “have” to do, and that includes writing this blog and I look ahead to tomorrow and the next week and my schedule is full. So now I will have to make time.

Make time, you ask. How do you make time? By taking time…. think about that. You take time every day even if you don’t know it. But what are you taking time for?

why do I not make more time for this and those....The Good Lord only knows

I take time to write this blog – time I don’t believe I have so I “made time”. You say you can’t “make time” can you? Sure you can, by making the decision to make time. We all make time for something. What do you make time to do? Maybe you already have time and if you do, how are you “spending time”. Are you spending it wisely or throwing it away?

The cost of doing nothing with your time is unmeasured, until you see someone who chose to spend their time, messing with your time. Or you see a loved one spending their time chasing a buzz or staring into a mirror or emptying a bottle of whiskey a day into their body, as their use of time.

It is time to evaluate our time and see who’s “wasting time”. Do you “waste time”? Do you procrastinate? What are you waiting for? A “better time”? Well, for you, in “no time”, your time may be gone.

Five generations...a moment captured in time...all still here and so worthy of my time that I will never give what is deserved....Mama Bet ( Betty Bellis) begot Mama Rita who begot Diana Abrams (barker), who begot Christen Barker who begot Enzi Stoltz...counting my blessings one at a time is good timing anytime

Let me tell you, I have been guilty of all the above at times…. and still am. But now I see time as gold. I am careful to “use my time” wisely (hopefully) and I try to “spend time” with those who I love and love me. At times, I “take time” for others that I don’t know but need part of my time. This is an act of “giving time” to those having a “hard time”. And it seems I have been given enough time to go around if I “take time” to help others. When I do this, my time is given freely, but rewarded greatly with a time of feeling good about myself in my heart and soul. The gift of time is in the giving of time. Time is gold…. do you give or do you take – with your “golden time”?

Time is everywhere but our time is limited to an amount we cannot determine and shall never know…. even at death. So this Christmas Time, look at your time and see if you value it as gold and if you do, will you give some away to those who are on “hard times”.

We do this out of some deep instinct as benevolence is seen even in the wildest of animals. We as humans are ultimately measured on how we use and spend our time.

our dear Suzie Gran....Wasted no time for she was giving all the time...we miss you all the time...your love endures

Time is given in equal measure to rich and poor, black and white, young and old. I believe when it’s all said and done and my time comes to an end here on this earth, not one second is lost with the passing and a new time will begin for me. A time when all of what I have done in the “time given” me on this earth will pass before my eyes. I hope and pray I have spent enough of my precious time in the way I know is the right way ……to spend time.

Imagine having to sit down and watch a movie of your life…. kinda scary ain’t it? Will your movie be a tragedy, a love story, a drama, X rated, PG with strong adult content and language or Disney style, or even like “It’s a Wonderful Life”? Christmas time is a time to find time, to share your time freely. This is the gift your loved ones want the most. Not a sweater or an Ipod or anything material. Simply “your time”. It is “your time” to make your “movie of life” include acts of giving….TIME. The gift of time is timeless.

Some of the Barkers at Christmas - Part of the Family Tree: Enzi, Papaw Jack, Ana, Ella, Jackie, Barker, Drew, Cara, Nick, Christen

Time speaks to us and it’s time we listened to it. At no time will you regret it, if you can find time to give time away freely and with love all things are possible. Just imagine a time when we are all good neighbors, charitable and helpful….. I can see it now in most of you and I have hope we will all “take time” to “make time” for the less fortunate and those with “little time” left here on earth. The time to start is now, with no time left to waste.

So on the second day of Christmas I give you…..
“my time” and my love…. it seems so easy cause it’s Christmas time.

Time is the gift we must give away and we have wasted so much of it being paid for our time or thinking it is to valuable to give away. Making time, without expecting anything in return, and knowing the personal cost, is very hard to do. Do u feel the gift of giving your time…or do you do it expecting an equal payback, or respect, or recognition for your Making time for someone? In the Movie of your life you are the Star and all eyes are on you and the audience hangs on your every word, and the Movie opens with your yesterday, and you get to write and direct the rest of the Movie of your life. You got time?…2 make it a movie you will be proud of? …What kinda Movie are we making with our time?…We r making a movie that will pass before our eyes, when our time has come to an end here and we go to a place where our life story is told and shown to those who love us. And that movie…that use of time…will lead us to a place where time is no more, yet endless.

Thanks for your time… if you read this.

Once upon a time, there was a boy born, his name was Jay. This is his story…. and film starts rolling…. and in great anticipation I watch, hoping enough evidence will be found to label me a man who gave of his time, spent it wisely, and without fear of critics, did what I thought was right. And as it ends the verdict is in….

…. Thank God I got more time! ….. to write my ending.

And so mind floats to a movie and an actor who I would proudly love to imitate and practice their art in my movie and I still have time to watch and learn from the movies they made, if I make time.

Opening Shot ..... The Christmas Story

Once upon a time there was a baby, born in a manger and to us, and especially me, He is no stranger. You can play His movie night and day, if you take time. And if you want to win an Oscar in your Movie of Life, He’s your bar. But like me, we are all just supporting actors, trying to not mess up the Movie of our Lives…….. Sure wish I was more like Him.

May God bless you and yours all the time… and now “my time” is up, cause it’s time to go to work at chasing the almighty dollar. Will I regret the way I used “my time” when my “time ends”? Only time will tell…..