I have never seen the Gulf so calm….. no waves constantly crashing…. they are barely making a noise as they reach the beach shore. If I were to compare it to a lake, I would only miss the description on size…. it is scarily calm out there.

I can hear a radio playing in the distance at my friend from Cullman, AL’s tent, birds chirping and squeaking, children screaming joyful sounds, and aircraft flying by.

Because there are no waves, I stayed in the water one beer at a time and I wondered how many people were peeing, as I peed….. and drank.

Coors Lite is a good beach beer…. light and a body in the sun can’t take a lot of heavy beers. Today the heat is causing me to reach in the cooler more often and I am having no trouble meeting my goal of 6 beers back to back today.

Diana just came down after trying to do payroll for the Spoke, frustrated at the slow internet service at this place. It has always been bad. We have to go to the front balcony to pick up a good signal or down to the computer center. Today she was at the “owners lounge” and all the resort staff came in there to eat lunch, to chit chat and to watch tv…. and to run her off in disgust…. and frustration.

She came to the beach, “I am gonna write a letter to RCI. Is that the owner’s lounge or the employee’s lounge?” She looked at me in frustration and I said, “a little of both, I guess”.

As she left for the room, I drank and asked her to bring me lunch and ice when she came back after finishing her work. She insisted on bringing the lunch first. I implored her not to…. so my beers would set in a little longer before food brought me back to center…. some days you had rather let go than give in.

Today I let go of the past, the way it was and grasped the way it is. And the way it is….. is calm. Like I have never felt before and the ocean feels it too. The calmest I have ever been…. the calmest the ocean can get… is with the waves barely making a sound as it touches the beach’s edge….. and I enjoy the calmness inside me and the ocean itself had to show me…. no matter how big something seems or is… calmness can magically occur.

It did for me and it did start with the calmness of the sea… a calm like I have never seen or experienced before…. Peace ya’ll and may a calm come over you like never before…. and you recognize and enjoy it. I did and do until morning brings the waves again…. and it will.