I came to the creek today to float down the clear cool water and by myself, in hopes Raba Baba would be at the cabin so he could go too. It takes two vehicles, or an extra person to drive up stream, float down and be able to go back and get your truck the kayaks were delivered with.

Well, I got here to find Raba not home, he has the rarely given pleasure of living in my creek cabin because I love him and he’s my head chef and one of the Kings of Cooks at the Broken Spoke and it worked out great for both of us and his dog Raleigh.

Today he is off doing things that must be done on “off days” …. And I have no ride up creek so I iced some Coors Originals down and went up on the deck and waited.

I went inside and turned on my old Marantz amp and listened to my CDs Diana had made me especially for the creek and I opened my first beer. Nearly an hour passed as I opened my 2nd beer. My porch is 16’ off the ground and overlooks Indian Creek and I was lost in that view and each song took me back to a place and time and I could tell the songs she copied for me and the ones she mixed in from the 80’s that she loved…. Even the music was made for two.

As I sat alone a big clap of thunder popped, the wind picked up and the smaller trees swayed with the lighter side of their leaves highlighted by the sun that shown thru the thunder clouds. The tall dry river birch began shedding drought yellowed leaves and it filled the sky with leaves that floated and looked just like sulfur butterflies migrating south in the fall. The sunlight mixed with the stormy wind made the leaves flutter and rise and fall and I wanted to share this beautiful sight with someone ….. but there was only me…. And this pen and paper I had found inside as I put another CD in the player after Mother Nature calmed and the leaves floated down the creek out of sight.

Summer Breeze came on the stereo as I sat back down at my seat, leaned my head back, put my bare feet up and took deep breath after deep breath over and over for what seemed like five minutes. With my eyes closed, I saw memories of Diana and I when we first fell in love and I felt her smile that came from her eyes when she looked at me…. Back then.

Just to remember it after 32 years was amazing but there are some things you never forget. That look is one of my things I will never forget.

Another strong breeze blows up and the leaves float like butterflies and rain drops tippity tap on the tin roof as the temperature drops. I have been sitting now for 2 ½ hours and it is as if time stood still, only pushed by the wind.

The sky has darkened with a for sure thunder cloud and it booms and claps and rain falls more steady with the sun in the west sky and the darkness in the eastern sky. I marveled at the glistening rain spotting the water’s surfaces.

A couple fished only 200’ across the creek from me, never minding the threatening sounds of the summer thunder.

Bell Bottom Blues by Eric Clapton started my 3rd CD of creek mixed music and the phone rings. And I talk. I answer another call and I listen and then I am alone again…. And it is good…. For me today to be with me.

So I talk to myself at 2000 words a second and I cover a lot of issues I must improve on and such and in minutes I have covered years of thoughts and dreams and success and failure and rage and peace. And I clearly realize that my life’s balance is so important to me and my behavior. I am just incomplete without someone to share my happiness with. Not totally bad, just incomplete, as we all are.

Everybody Plays a Fool comes on and Raba Baba and Millie Miles pulls in the drive way…. And I think well, this blog is done and I put my pen down and give my good friend a big hug… talk to you later otay?

Love ya’ll on a day that was a Jayday…. That went nature’s way.