This will serve as my blog today…. I missed the early morning today…. but I sat and pictured it in my mind…. and I went there and wrote this….. Much love and enjoy the light of day…..

Breakfast of Champions - Blue Heron lives on, Fish .... oh well ...... breakfast

The rooster crows
at the break of dawn –
The locust and the crickets
sing their song.

The beauty of it all.....

The early morn clock
is a cocka-doodle-doo,
The opera of the morning
is heard by but a few.

And what we call silence,
is not silent at all.
But rather a chorus of wildlife
creating nature’s call.
The Light of Day
To rise and shine
and get about the day –
the mighty sun
chases the darkness away.

And with this expected light
the earth comes alive!
The lonely moon sinks
as the sun is on the rise.

Earth’s own warming star

a winter morn lookin out my front me some morning time

then allows all to see,
each living thing
in all it’s beauty.

– Jay Barker