I woke up and it was 10:30. Man, that’s late for me to sleep but I did it. My old feather pillow, thin from years of supporting my head, was right there looking me in the face. The 840 count fine linen that covered the old blue and white striped, slobber stained, 1960’s feather pillow, was stuck to my face. I must not have moved all night. What a lucky dog I was. I thought.

Some bad luck sent me packing to Costa Rica and there I found my "lucky" again by coming home to my family. Lucky me.

If I could give you anything at all, it would be luck. So on the 7th day I give you LUCK.

The polarity of this dimension always amazes me. Just giving you luck would be giving you nothing. Cause you and I both already have luck. Some folks are lucky, you know these friends and people and I do to. They are just lucky, good stuff and good fortune and good looks just clings to them. These folks are so lucky it sometimes makes me feel unlucky. You know what I mean?

Well, as luck would have it, I am both lucky and unlucky. Who’d a thought it? When I look at my life and I am still alive, I feel very lucky. Just lucky to be alive, realy… AND have someone to love.

Sharing a dream in the jungles of Costa Rica.

I know a lot of you out there feel unlucky, and you are. I have one child that seems to have nothing but bad luck, on the surface. Sometimes you go a lap down in this race of life and you feel you will never catch up. It’s so hard to catch up when everything around you moves so fast. And we must not only catch up, but somehow get ahead. The way life allows this to happen sometimes is with luck; that’s how you catch up….. and hard, smart work. So I wish you luck…. Good luck…. I hope you reach your lucky star. Having had bad luck before, I know how hard it is when you dream and try and do all you can, but as luck would have it, things go bad or don’t end the way we had hoped.

Moving from bad luck to good luck seems as hard as reaching the stars to many of us. It just seems no matter how hard we stretch and reach we get no closer. Well hang in there…. Keep reaching for the stars…. Your lucky star is there, waiting on you to pick it.

I believe in luck and I hope you have a big spell of good luck this New Year. I am hoping I’m a lucky dog this year too. See, I know I am running behind, in bills and the struggles of the commerce side of this world, but I am way ahead in the race for love, peace and happiness in my world. See, I run my life in dimensions. Work is one, home is one, nature is one and spiritual is one… there are others but you don’t get to go there.

I felt lucky so I called a white faced monkey over and asked him to go get me a mango. Instead, he tried to steal my necklace but I got lucky and he only got Diana's earring. Costa Rican Trail Ride

I can nearly control what happens to me spiritually, when with nature, and at home with family, but at work, luck runs that show….lot of times bad luck, or it seems that day. And I think it is common among us, when one area of our life seems unlucky, we label our whole life unlucky…. And it just ain’t so. Look at your life in dimensions. Now tell me you are unlucky. I don’t think you can. Good and bad luck co-exist, luck and absence of luck co-exist. We are so lucky in so many ways there is, by nature, some bad luck in all our lives. It is the polarity of the way of things. You may be experiencing some bad luck now in one dimension of your life or another, but I promise you, if you look into the other dimensions, layers of love and people who love you will appear, and you will see you are also very lucky at this very time….my sensitivity tells me….i am very lucky.

I feel so lucky today to be sitting in our “Anniversary getaway for a night hotel room” with my wife of thirty years and quietly co-existing. She doing her thing (helping me) and me doing mine. We don’t talk as we take our coffee and glow in each other’s comfort. We are opposites, think opposite…. Yet we come together as one, yet not the same. We are lucky, so lucky, that we have four wonderful children that love us and want to be around us, and eight grand kids we adore and a home and a life we live with purpose and meaning, filled with Family and dear friends. How lucky can one be? No luckier than me.

The nature side of things ~ we go there often.

You could be lucky too if you want to and if you do….. stop….. and look at your life…in the dimension…work, home, nature , and spirit….. and what you have that you are truly lucky to have…. Like your life…. And the joys you hold tight in it and you will feel lucky. And the luckier you feel, the luckier you are.

I’m feeling lucky today and I love it that way.

Life is Like a race in Nascar, We may be a lap down to our bills, but we are running hard and the caution comes out…. Somebody’s had some bad luck up ahead and We look around, realize we are running first, in the second layer of cars, as we cross the start/finish line…. And low and behold, We are the “lucky dog” that gets to benefit from another racer’s bad luck, and get a lap back for running hard even while a lap back.

Does this mean We are lucky or someone else simply unlucky? They both exist… pick for yourself. I choose to be lucky and as luck would have it, you are lucky too. And together there is nothing we can’t do. So keep reaching for your lucky star. It’s there, in your reach, if you look in the right spot.