You know we all got something that happened that defines us. You have your thing and I have mine… but we both have something “that happened” that defines, or partly defines us… makes us what we are each day.

My dad was a new car dealer at a very young age and things happened that… changed his direction… into the ministry. That made things happen to me and my sisters that helped define us today… each of us different today…. yet the same thing happened to us all (me, Judie and LuAnne).
We are all happy as can be dealing with day to day drama of life.

Sometimes it’s funny how things happen; sometimes it’s tragic, but believe you me, either way or in between…. things happen, constantly and continually. So I try to be ready for the things that happen but I never really am. But I still prepare for many different things that could happen… just ask my insurance agent if you don’t believe me….. But as hard as we try we can cover all the bases… things happen.

I try to remember that these things last only for a moment in time. The next moment and moments we deal with this thing. I know this thing will affect my life… as long as I allow it to do so. It is a choice when we put things that happen in their place… which is behind us. And when we act on what we have learned from the “thing that happened”, we truly move on a better person. I choose to move on and cherish my past and all the things that happened to me. I have another “thing that happens” waiting on me just around the corner… and I think I am ready for it… and I have great excitement that the next thing is a “good thing”.

My hopes and prayers go out to those who may be dealing with a “thing or things that happen” to them that pains them. May you be comforted and someday, someway, put these things behind you, and see and enjoy the many blessed moments ahead and in the right now.

There are things we can not control, like the things that happen, we can only control how we handle these things. And we do control our choices, if we so choose.

Choose to talk to someone who loves you and will listen. That’s always a good start for me when I am troubled. And if you have no one….I believe God will listen…and tender hearts…..cause good things happen too…..if you choose to seek them and put the bad things that happen in the past, where they now exist.

May Keith Abrams rest in peace and my his family and loved ones find blessings as they move forward while dealing with their grief and sadness.