I just got through filling my bird feeders and my cat, “puppy”, yes, that’s her name, puppy, cause she follows me around from feeder to feeder and then to the table top garden feeder that stands only a foot off the ground and has a small marble top which I covered with bird seed… and she puts her paws on the table and goes to munching and munching and crunching bird seed. My cat, that acts like a dog, loves bird seed. I haven’t seen her eat a bird and maybe she doesn’t need to because she eats what the birds eat. It must taste like bird to her. You think?

Well by now, puppy is at my feet and I am sitting on the front porch watching the evening birds feed. A half moon is high in the sky and daylight is slipping away.

The cardinals brighten my day, morning and evening along with a host of wild birds. I love the little chickadees and the tufted titmouse, and the pair of doves on the ground and the snowy cap woodpecker and the nuthatch, the yellow and purple finches and cowbirds.

Puppy has gone over to the hummingbird feeder and seems to be hiding from the red throated hummingbird feeding there within her reach. Diana just walked up from the restaurant with a glass of sweet tea and sat down with me. “I love this time of day” she said as she sat down and I just kept on writing. I just stopped and looked up and said “I do too”. She said she loved me and for me to go on writing so I did and I am.

Three male cardinals are in our dogwood tree that houses two bird feeders and a wind chime and is in full bloom right now. The cardinals just beam red against the white of the dogwood bloom. This group of cardinals grew up around our house. Each year, a new group is born and they have stayed together as a family.

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We moved into this house shortly after Momma died and for nearly a year one of these cardinals would peck on the window by the bed every morning and evening. I just knew it was God’s way of letting Momma check on me cause the cardinal was Momma’s favorite bird. I later found out it was nesting nearby and was only seeing his reflection and was trying to run off his reflection and protect his nest from that bird reflection… he thought it was a bird. And I thought it was a sign from Momma. We were both wrong, me and the bird, but no less convinced.

It is strange how we see things. If we need a “sign” we will find one in our own eyes. A very real sign that may turn out to be a reflection or an otherwise explained occurrence.

Well darkness is falling fast and the sun no longer warms me so I am going inside to the comfort of my nest. So until the morning sun rises and I do to I say farewell to my bird friends and thank them for eating with me again tonight. I wonder how warm they feel and how hard it is on the birds in the winter and then I remember they are loved and cared for by the same God that takes care of me and I know they are in good hands, just like me.

The world seems hard and sad and long sometimes and the weight of it all seems like that reflection my cardinal friend pecked at for a year. I know he was frustrated that he could never run that reflection off, but he never gave up. Until one day the cardinal came to my window by the bed and I had hung a stained glass window inside the window and the cardinal could no longer see reflection. So the cardinal flies to the next window in the bedroom and finds that mean ole reflection and starts fighting or pecking at it.

Soon each window held a small stained glass or other window hangings in it, and the cardinal feels safe and doesn’t have to fight his perceived enemy any longer because someone, me, fought his battle before him.

By hanging things in the window, the bird no longer saw his reflection and don’t you know he was proud that final day we got all windows adorned with stained glass pictures of birds …. and such.

We are a lot like the bird. We peck at our perceived problems and go back day after day after day and fight the same battle with the same “bird reflection” every day…. Until the good Lord goes before us and changes the window of our life so we see things different because of our battle is being fought before us.

We, like the bird pecking at my window, think all our pecking made the reflection go away all by ourselves and our diligence, while unbeknownst to us, our pecking was noticed and because we pecked and pecked and pecked, somebody bigger than us noticed and did something about it.

God does that for us and I have to remind myself not to quit pecking and working and fighting the good fight every day even though the same opponent is there when I wake each morning.

When I tire of fighting this old world and all the meanness and bills and pressure and wars rage and folks are just flat mean to each other, I have faith my battles will be fought before me. That’s why I am able to handle another day sometimes cause I know my work does not go unnoticed and I am not alone in this battle.

Today I pray that the Lord will tender the hearts of all who hate and all who seek war and my banker. Lots of folks are hurting and needing right now and I am feeling their pain, along with my own. If the Lord will take care of the bird will he not take care of me? My helping hand may just grab the hand that helps me, and by God’s own plan, we are always involved.

For the cardinal, it was me understanding the pecking and realizing it wasn’t a sign from Momma, it was a bird seeing his reflection and the pecking stopped when I took appropriate action. Take appropriate actions and maybe you can be the difference you make in your life and others…. Cause somebody bigger than you is out there fighting a battle before you get there. So keep on pecking, things will change for the better. It did for me and that rascal cardinal that woke me at 5:30 or 6 every morning for a year.

Now I feed him and his family daily and they fly and dance for me everyday… ain’t that cool? And Momma, thanks for sending me those pecking cardinals.

Puppy, the CAT, eating bird seed.