I hated New Jersey. If it had not have been for mamma I would never have learned to read. She taught me my ABC’s cuz my teacher wouldn’t. I was bullied, teased, and very lonely there. I will never forget walking home in the dark after waking up under her desk. I will never forget getting caught in that snow drift and thinking I was going to die. But I loved the Igloos we would build and get in and play for days. Huge Igloo! I remember at Halloween you older kids made a haunted trail in the Christmas Tree Farm. It was the scariest thing I had ever gone through and had night mares for weeks afterwards. I did love that house and remember seeing Wizard of Oz on a Sunday Night, Walt Disney had a movie on each Sunday Night and I can so clearly see me sitting in the basement watching it with such amazement. I was only in the first grade and that movie was just the greatest. I remember LuAnne twirling that baton all the time and yes you did have a bunch of marbles. I thought they were so pretty. I remember Mama couldn’t find corn meal anywhere to make us corn bread so Mama Dear mailed her a box full. I remember you sitting at the table one night for hours cuz you wouldn’t eat brussel sprouts or something gross. We didn’t go to Savannah that year for Christmas either, I remember, did we? Seems we didn’t cuz I can remember Christmas being in the living room or at least that is where our tree was. Loved this one Jay. Probably my favorite, but hated New Jersey!

copied from the comment page…..by JUDIE BURNHAM….my little sister