Diana has always been the writer of the house and here’s the reason why. This is just a small taste of  her talent and the things she says in this entry are about her Susie Gran. Today would have been her 98th birthday. Susie Gran gave others all she had for 95 wonderful years. I am honored to have been loved by her. I miss her. Please enjoy Diana’s tribute to her grandma through her written word and heartfelt love.

Susie Mae Lawson Abrams

Today I think of nursery rhymes, and how I can repeat verses from my childhood because I was read to so much.

I think of cold winter mornings, getting dressed in front of a warm air blowing wall heater.

I remember many Southern family meals, eaten from dark green octagonal dinnerware.

Today I think of the first blooming quince, and branches of those in a vase on the kitchen table.

I think of clothes hung to dry in the hot water heater closet and how that closet smelled.

I remember a framed felt board full of smiling family pictures.

Today I think of pancakes so big they were folded over to fit just right in the rectangle dish.

I think of elephant jewelry that represented the values of the GOP.

I remember sitting in a beautifully outfitted living room on the fainting couch.

Today I think of homemade fried pies, still warm from the skillet, with a slab of butter slowly melting.

I think of hot summer afternoons and the smell of the honeysuckle vines.

I remember the cherry bedroom furniture and the Bates Queen Elizabeth bedspreads.

Today I think of the warm hugs and gentle kisses and the softness of wrinkled skin.

I think of phone calls that were long and were mostly about listening.

I remember being scolded, encouraged, doctored and loved.

Today I think of the many things my shotgun partner could tell me about the people in every house we passed.

I think of babies cradled in proud and loving arms.

I remember 8 track tapes of Farron Young, Cole Porter and Frank Sinatra.

Today I think of old black and white photographs in a box, scribbled with names and dates.

I think of family history, often repeated and seldom remembered by myself.

I remember a fly swatter in hand, legs crossed in a patio chair.

Today I think of pink roses, and the color green, and the one that loved me without conditions.

I think of things I could have done better, and different.

I remember my grandmother.

Today I think of Susie Gran on the day of her birth.

I think of her smiling down from heaven, loving me still.

I remember her life and how much I was blessed by her.

Today I think of my grandmother.

I think of my grandmother.

I remember my grandmother.