This is a short entry 2 make the facts fit the story, cause I had a few details wrong and thanks to my older Sister LuAnne Givens I have always had some one 2 correct me, lovingly. Enjoy the corrected.

LuAnne, Steve and Dad come to dinner at the Broken Spoke nearly every Thursday and Judie and Ron will join them when they can ….. our family dinner. Each week we will talk about stuff and I always ask “Did you read my blog” and “Did I remember it right”. And LuAnne knows the past better than me and she will tell me stuff I forgot and who did what and when.

Corrections on the McKenzie story were Dad actually built the house we lived in in McKenzie after living downtown in an old house with slugs making silver trails on the carpet while we slept. And furthermore, the man that owned the tower was a doctor and not Red Summers like I said in my entry.

So Dad went to Bethel, built a house, had babies, preached on Sundays, and excelled at his college course and graduated and then SOLD the house we lived in to Red Summers.

LuAnne enjoys setting me straight and I use her as my basis of authority in these younger days entries. Thank u LuAnne, I love you.

And I’ll say, “Daddy I wrote a blog about you the other day, have you read any of these stories yet?” And he will look up from his dinner plate and finish chewing his food, wipe his mouth and smile real big and laugh, “No, not yet.” It’s probably best that way or LuAnne might get trumped as my basis of authority for these entries, by Daddy.

So I have been corrected on the names and things I had wrong in the McKenzie story and as Lu told me, “I would say…. That’s right, that’s right.”