Right now I can hardly see, seriously, I need glasses and have a pair, that I never have with me when I need um. But that don’t stop me from seeing what’s going on in my world, and yours, and theirs.

First, I see the joy and opportunity of my world and sometimes its so great I just spin in circles, not knowing when or where to stop and enjoy and embrace it all. But then I do. And I see my wife and this life I have been given, and the one I’m living and all is good in my world.

Then I see friends, my friends and my family and extended family and I count my blessings and hope for the best for those.

I have friends that have many things and I have friends who have no things. I have a dear friend with an end date weeks away and a disease he won’t beat.

I have friends that own businesses and friends that run businesses, and friends that work at a business. And except for a few lucky ones, all are experiencing the effects of the recession and the devaluation of their homes and services.

I have friends and family that work in the government at some and all levels: TVA, Corp of Engineers, TWRA, State Parks, National Parks, City Parks, Highway Dept., County Government, State and National Government, and all points in between. They are the every day people we collectively call “the GOVERNMENT”. ………..don’t ever forget this…government is people.

I see these friends and family as good and therefore my government is good… as long as the people are good.

I see some of my friends and others not acting real good right now. Blaming everything on somebody else and talking violence as a solution. The pressure of the world and the USA problems seem to be just a little too much for some to display kindness and caring, without anger and frustration. The political mood is very strange right now in America and abroad. It’s different than the 60’s and 70’s political uprising, where students used peaceful resistance to affect change. This time grown men and women are charging their troops and followers to fight with arms and without retreat, as a method for effecting change.

And I wonder what the children think and I conclude they think as their parents think……and they don’t ever forget it.

So today, I speak to all my friends left, right and don’t no (Green Party), the haves and the have nots, the government, the rebels, the unions and the businesses…. “A house divided cannot stand!”… Abe Lincoln. Our way of governing is built solely on compromise and when that breaks down we have shown a history of violence toward each other. We must compromise or fight, or can we agree 2 disagree and still like each other.

I believe we truly want the best for each other and I refuse to believe we really hate each other, the way we seem to want others to think we do.

Let me remind myself and you, there is still nobility and honor in being good to others. At times like today, being good to others can be the movement that brings our nation back together, just as being mean drives us apart.

I believe it is possible to be good and caring everyday. I do. Do I pull that feat off everyday?…. No way. But each day I do succeed, I sure feel better. The stress of business in a recession is astounding and often crushing. I often, in the winter, become depressed and totally self-centered as I yield to the weight of the world. I see my failures, and my family’s struggles and the nation’s problems and it seems to much.

And then somehow an act of kindness comes my way and brightens my day and lightens my load. And it’s nearly spiritual the change effected by this unexpected word of encouragement or helping hand. My life is full of helping hands and I see that more clearly when things seem bad. But things are never as bad as I thought because I couldn’t see…. all those helping hands.

Reach out to someone with a helping hand each day and usually you will be grabbing another person’s helping hand. It doesn’t always appear to be that way, as you stoop down to help someone up, but you are the one that will be lifted up; Up out of your blues and up to the task of life before us.

And remember… your children are watching every move you make. So make good moves, be good to others in all you do and avoid anger burst if you can.

I feel what I cannot see; I feel your pain and joy. My friends and family “be most excellent to each other and party on”. Your helping hand is needed but it can not b seen if u have ur head down and in ur hands. So free up ur hands and head by taking time 2 look up and extend one hand 2 a friend or family member that’s down and out. Their hand may b just what u need and yours will definitely b a welcome site 2 them.

I can see it now, and it’s beautiful… it’s today. Opportunity and joy are everywhere. I can’t stop spinnin’…. there I finally did. Time to go actively relax at work… and thanks for the hand.