Momma said… “Don’t come running to me when you have a marital issue, that’s between u and her.” “But after you have made your mind up, and after a lot of prayer, rethink it again and I will support you, whatever u choose 2 do.”

Momma and Daddy, 2 me, were the perfect couple. Daddy ruled and Momma let him, so Daddy thought. Daddy would lay down laws and expected behavior, and when we failed Momma would say, “I support ur Daddy but…. Come here and let me give u a hug and it will be alright: a hug makes things alright?”, I thought, but would happily go to Momma’s open arms and accept the healing hands and heart of a Momma’s hug. Back in Momma’s arms, the arms I new so well from birth, until her untimely passing.

And so, after just 1 year of marriage with the mother to my first dear daughter Jessica Leigh Barker, we parted ways and it was not pretty for many years. It took a lot of my Momma’s hugs to save Jessica from the wounds that can kill a child’s spirit when they think, without cause; somehow it was the child’s fault parents separate. Seeing the confusion, and the lack of family like my daughter was experiencing, Mom and Dad offered 2 raise Jessica for my x and me, at an age that I suspect would have been very hard on her and Dad. My x would not allow it, but 2 offer was Christ-like. Since that example, my house has taken in many kids with bad homes and Grand parents and others, and Momma loved them all.

I found a new soul-mate shortly after my divorce and this is what I want 2 talk 2 you about 2day. When you’re hurt from the pain of romance and bliss turning into hell on earth, u swear you will never b hurt like that again. So I wasn’t looking for a serious relationship with another woman, just some fun, to help me forget. But the Lord sent me my match made in heaven, after I said “I ain’t marrying again”… these were my famous last words.

Now, after 29 years of marriage that we have made it near perfect thru one thing Momma said, “Now come here and let me give a hug and it’ll be alright.” Every disagreement could quickly end if one of us stopped fussin’ and offered the other a hug and we could feel each other’s love overcome the spat, but not until we hugged and offered up an “I love you” or “I am sorry”did our fussin stop.

Today we celebrate 29 yrs of a bond that will endure time and myth. The old myth about seeing your bride the nite before a wedding was busted, after I snuck into Diana’s Mom’s house to take my love to my house and hold her thru the nite until early morn and we snuck her back in her Momma’s ….who was gaurding against such a feat and were married later that day…Dec. 18th.

Many times, during the 29 yrs, we fought, we disagreed on how to raise our kids, we struggled for a balance of power in the house, and we were always short the required money to pay everything on time. But all I recall is good easy times because we made it with 4 kids and a house full of others that ate dinner everynite together and it was good. We always had the” plenty” of family love.

Now Diana, has told me how close she was to leaving me in my wilder day, pre-cell phone, but a timely hug and true love kept us together…. Forever.

This is my thank you, to my sweet wife. She makes me whole and completes my life. I want for no other and hope someday to deserve the love she showered me with for 29 years. My wife changed my life with a hug of love.

As I woke from a light sleep not 2 long ago, she was tickling my back and with a roll over hug of my arm around her, she said I said, “We are gonna live happily ever after.” I am gonna make sure of that…no matter how hard times are or how sad a day might make one of us, by simply saying what Momma said, “Now come here and let me give you a hug… and it will be alright”: and I do and I will…. Til death do us part.