Chapter 2…Entry 4

I worked at Henco years ago and one of my favorite people there was the wise and very old Jack McConnico. He helped Tom Hendrix in some way and he helped me in many ways,  thru our nearly daily talks. One day Jack started in on a story by saying “Jay I was on a train a long time ago, when I sold pots and pans door 2 door, and I was sitting by the window and a fellow sitting beside me said as we passed a field of cows, ‘That’s a good-looking cow right there’. ”  After repositioning in his seat,  he continued, “And I answered him this way, ‘yeah from this side it is’.” He had a lesson for me that day and I got it.

Things aren’t always as they appear from 1st impression and there are 2 sides 2 every story….and cow.

So when we r wanting the green grass on the other side of the fence or we r  listening 2 some one put some body down, either way, remember things aren’t as they r being presented and to get the whole story we need both sides. And believe me there r always 2 sides 2 every story. Even if U don’t hear but one.

I have been put down by people I don’t no and who don’t no me but they no somebody who said I was this terrible thang,  so that’s what they think. It is sad 2 see people engage themselves in such shallow behavior but I don’t stay sad long as sadness turns into humor and humor into laughter when I remember there is no help for the people swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool……. even an EMT trained, WSI certified lifeguard, like me can’t help um.

I believe if we r not being persecuted we aren’t doing much GOOD in this world because I have found The more I help others the more persecution I receive from it. No good deed goes unpunished so it’s a sure sign if we r gettin persecuted, we r doin some good.

The Lord and the Devil both work in mysterious ways, and usually thru others. I raised my children in Church and one would think that would b a haven from the Devil…..but oh hell no, he is there trying to make us quit doing good thru punishing us. People can be so mean, even in Church. Don’t b one of those mean people cause mean people suck, just like the Devil.

Seek out both sides of the story u r hearing before u throw in with one side or the other, please. We both no u r smarter than 2 say stupid bad things about folk u don’t no, or those u do no. Even if they suck in every way, remember we r all both good and bad. Make the good choice and rise above the rumors and prejudge-mental behavior. It is not attractive or nice… we r….2 b a party 2 rumors and prejudgment.

If u r surrounded by a group who is constantly talking about someone or puttin people down, find u a new group. That’s if u can find ur way out of the shallow end of the gene pool, cause if that’s where ur at I can’t help u.

I will say this…..I love u man and hope the best for u….constantly. I don’t care what u said.  I said that……no good deed goes unpunished but bad deeds sow bad seeds and what tomorrow brings forth from bad seed is yet 2 b seen.

Do what u want 2 do, but as 4 me and mine, we will try 2 sow seeds of hope, love and faith thru seeking the truth, and showing compassion…if we can.