I was talking to friends last nite while actively relaxing, or working as u may no it, and I somehow ended up engaged in a conversation with a patron, and he got heavy on me. His passion shows and I ain’t wantin 2 hear it or see it…….not that I don’t care…..or maybe it is….hell I don’t no, but either way, I’m not in the mood to solve the worlds problems right then and there. So I’m thinkin which technique of escape am I fixin 2 employ, then I reached out and put my hand on his shoulder and leaned into his hearing zone and said “Do what u want 2, that’s what I’d do.” And after a couple of pats on the back, I was gone…….to lighter conversation.

Then my eyes spotted a friend who is an active writer of short stories, one of my favorite patrons, so I kinda hurried on over 2 talk 2 him and his wife. We hugged and laughed and I pulled up a chair, and catching up on what had been going on with each other, I mentioned I had started this blog and ask him 2 read it. I said, “Frank, I like the early post best,” pausing and droppin my head a bit, ” since Barney’s death it don’t read the same. I am trying not to go 2 deep with my words, but It’s hard.” And with his radiant smile he put his hand on my shoulder, leaned into my hearing zone, and as he patted my shoulder, he said “Keep it lite.”

As I walked away, I smiled under my breath noing I had just been told in a kind way my conversation was heavier than his mood. But he was rite….Keep it lite.

Willie Nelson is one of my heroes and he wrote a little book, The Tao of Willie, and I have read over several times. One of the things I picked 2 use in my life, that Willie’s book  exposed me 2, is the concept that combines “Never pass up a chance 2 shut up” mixed with ” don’t b afraid 2 teach” remembering  large doses of either is not healthy for u or others. “Never pass up a chance 2 shut up.” For me that’s a hard challenge….shuttin up.

So when I get 2 heavy and my blogs aren’t lite enough and smooth pictures of pictures of enlightenment and humor are nowhere 2 be found, hang in there with me and reach over and lean into my hearing zone, while u put ur hand on my shoulder, pat my back litely and say, KEEP IT LITE…….. or shut up…..I will understand and take my cue gracefully. If  I fail 2 try 2 teach something of lasting value, tell me about it in ur words. At least one of us will learn something that way……I said that.

Willie keeps his book lite with humor and jokes he loved and soon I loved. I think laughter is very close 2 happiness and I am pretty sure my brain considers them one in the same as I feed my soul. It is amazing the sudden transformation the body goes thru at the moment of laughter. We change physically and mentally even if but for a moment, we r without the weight of one moment ago. We all love 2 B humored. Funny ain’t it? But true all the same…. Laughter is good for the soul and a good place 2 find it is at the Dinner Table of Life or any Dinner Table.

U no what makes u laugh and u no what makes ur mate and loved ones laugh, so go ahead make some one laugh. U will end up giving the gift of happiness 2 someone u love and that alone will make u happy. Sittin in the den watching football I looked over at my son and said,”If Brett Farve was playing as bad as Peyton Manning is this year, ESPN would b saying he should of hung um last yr.” We laughed being joined by Raba Baba and we shook with laughter and shook our heads in approval. “That’s ur joke right there,” Nick said after watching a Peyton interseption. I had just earlier questioned the ethics of a gender, race, national origin, or sexual preference type joke, after he had spit out off the top of his head, a joke in each fore mentioned categories. I laughed or chuckles at all of um and Nick and Raba and I vote that a joke is a joke …..take it for what it is …..an effort made by someone 2 make some one else laugh.

 A joke is the thread that weaves thru laughter, sparing no one, blanketing us all…..I sad that. 

Humor is often at some ones expense, but this expense should be spread around equally, and when it is our turn 2 pay the fiddler the cost for our laughing session pay it thru not being so sensitive when the jokes on us……So make fun of ur self if u r gonna make fun of someone else…and laugh with folks not at folks, Laughter is stout medicine and my required dose may not b the same as urs. so with any of this I rite, ” What works 4 me may not work 4 u, ”

Around our dinner table after we had eaten and all the matters of day have been addressed, some how some way the conversation turn 2 laughter and a fart usually started it……just saying,,,,,What makes me laugh may not b ur cup of tea……but a fart is funny I don’t care who u r.  After reading but before  posting my wife said,  “Farts r not funny. Only men think farts r funny.” So this Christmas when u walk into a fart I left in the Walmart isle, remember it was meant 2 make u laugh and……”Breathe thru ur mouth if u don’t like the way it smells,” I said that as I leaned into her hearing zone, puttin my hand on her back patting her gently…….I farted, and laughed. She slapped my hand off her back her back and acted mad, yet she could not fight back that smile she has that thanks me 4 being me.

DISCLAIMER…..The above blog has changed the names of the innocent and all jokes and comments r dramatizations of past experiences. My wife said none of that….Really. I promise. U believe me?

She did say this ain’t’ funny.