Chapter 2….entry 2 …Do what u want 2…..that’s what I do.

This subject is not as shallow as it seems. We must do some deep thinking 2 understand what we really want, in order for this to make us happy. Deep thinking is easy; gettin anything out of it aint. We soul search all the  time, looking around our soul for what makes us tick and happy and strong, and good. Sometimes we find what we r looking for….. sometimes we don’t but instead we find something we weren’t looking for.

I am up early because I want 2 b. I enjoy listen to the quite of morning. I can search my soul best at this time of day. I see the beauty in our world, listen 2 the coffee percolate and  the birds sing, but I haven’t always wanted 2 get up early. When asked just a few yrs ago what time I got up, I would say “At 1st phone call.” And that was never very late but all the same I had no ME TIME…..NO SOUL SEARCHIN TIME…What I thought I wanted was more rest and that meant rollin over and cuddlin my Lady Di….as a matter of fact I lost the only corporate job I ever had, because what I wanted 2 do at that time and space  was run the A/C cold, pile the covers high and hold my Lady Di all day and all nite. That left little time for work at Henco.

I think I invested the time in my baby’s arms wisely, after making her my wife and giving birth 2 a family that has since provided me with 8 grand children…….PRICELESS…..What looked like a bad immature mistake at the time is my life’s joy now….because I did what I wanted 2 then. I lost my lofty job, was criticized by those who loved me and her, and I yet I had never been happier then wala there I was with time 2 Soul Search…priceless. And after I stepped into my soul I quickly realized working for the man was not for me…..unless I was the man. And so my wife truly changed my life……priceless. Next thing I knew I was opening my 1st restaurant, THE ROCKING CHAIR RESTAURANT, LAKE PICKWICK, TENNESSEE 1980.

Cooking has since soothed my soul and all my life, the dinner table was where we recharged our energy together and thanked the Lord for u and grace, and laughed and bonded before we faced another day. I am stronger and my family is stronger from sitting around my DINNER TABLE. Even now with the trappings of running a 7 day a week full service Restaurant and Bar, we still have a day or nite every week or so that we all try 2 gather and put folks around the dinner table. My daughter Ashley is the best in our family 2 keep us on track in my branch of the Barker tree. Luanne, my older sister,  brings my daddy and little sister Judie brings her bunch on Thursdays to the Broken Spoke and we gather around the big table in the Mombie’s wing of the Spoke,  and recharge and bond with each other as brother and sister and father and son and it is good….even in a restaurant.

The questions asked and the answers given at the Dinner Table of Life change thru the yrs just like what matters most 2 u changes. What doesn’t change is the need for a dinner table and the memories we have of how our family was run. The dinner table was, among other things, where the law was laid down for family behavior. It was very civil and open and everybody listen because we had as a law … tv during dinner.  I realize not all people had a good family environment 2 grow up in and today I pray for them that they may create a good one for themselves and that they have a dinner table of plenty and 1 full of joy… mine is.

What is the recipe in ur family that creates the joy of family dinners? If u don’t have one give Sunday and Fried chicken a chance to be the recipe for ur family dinner. Throw in a little after dinner football and a spades game, or a Christmas movie and you will have the needed ingredients for a day 2 remember. This Christmas, as u join with family and friends, see who will organize a weekly get together in ur family for ur family……..if u want 2…….u can……do what u want 2.

So do what u want 2 but u will first have 2 soul search 2 find the true desires of ur heart and……Soul. This is my desire for u, because the truth will set u free 2 do what u truly want 2. Merry Christmas!