Chapter 1 …..Wake me up early, be good to my dog and teach my children 2 pray.

My daddy was a preacher, and boy did I learn how to pray…..thank God……and I felt it was very important 2 teach my children to pray. “What do u mean. teach some one 2 pray? Don’t u just pray any whicha way? And it works …right?”, U tell me……. I don’t no ….but this I do no….and thats how to pray.

The first time I ever remember saying a prayer was long after i remember hearing a prayer. To hear a prayer was easy, but when it came ur turn at the dinner table to GIVE THANKS, out loud it became much more real and personal. Here is a fine example of a kind of prayer we should say many times a day. THANK U LORD…..give thanks to ur Lord…..for some thing or some body……… u will be blessed if u teach only this prayer to ur kids and mate. Thank u for listening and I am thankful for u….Amen

Has giving thx before a meal is taken died along with the family dinner table? Not yet it hasn’t, just a lot more under the breathe shallow thanks prayers being said because we all eat in public these days. I remember my dad praying out loud in restaurants and as a kid I felt embarrassed. Every body would stop chatter and quite would fall over the area of the cafe we were in, and with my head bowed and red head cocked to the side I’d peek around and look at the people look at us. And It made u feel special in a way and 2 this day I say that was when I discovered the powers of prayer. One man saying one prayer and an entire section of the room goes quite….the power of prayer.

THE POWER OF PRAYER is a very cool thing. U have the power 2 access the power of prayer by simply praying. No church required, no Bible needed, No memorized words required, just heart-felt feelings in spoken words of concern, love and hope for u rs and others. I was taught 2 use the Name of Christ, thru Him I send my words up to the Lord. I have witnessed small miracles, been given calm and assurance, and most of all HOPE thru the power of prayer. Hope is all important in every one. With out hope life becomes hard 2 bare. So ultimately the power of prayer is HOPE. Once u have hope u can stay in constant hope 4 all things that concern u and hope is then a powerful prayer. Don’t ur children deserve HOPE? Well then, teach them to pray and they will listen and have an eternal pathway to HOPE.

IN THIS NEW WORLD NOT MUCH IS SURE……So I sure do like CHICKEN, and believe a big chicken dinner this Sunday at ur house would make me and any of urs happy…, and I will stay in constant hope I will hear from u soon and listen 2 u around the Dinner Table of Life….In Jesus name I pray….Amen