Chapter 1…..Wake me up early, be good 2 my dog and teach my children 2 pray

Be good 2 my dog. If you r not nice to my dog u r not nice 2 me. I have had many dogs and just recently lost my best friend of  18 yrs, BOO. BOO was a golden retriever mixed with a Great Dane, and he and I went everywhere together. He would swim 10 miles when I would kayak. He would run 10 miles at 15 miles an hour beside my truck on country roads, and he could get home from anywhere. He would load up over the tailgate of my trucks and he would often sleep under it so He wouldn’t miss a ride. My truck was his truck….he claimed it.

We went thru about 6 or seven trucks in BOO’S lifetime and he would get to go shoppin for vehicles with me and take the test drive with me. I had 2 see how we looked in our new ride. Once I took a job in Orlando Fla. and part of my contract stated my dog could be on job sites and the living arrangements had 2 include a pet friendly BIG DOG allowed 3 bedroom appt. My new boss understood how 2 get and keep me motivated….simply by being good 2 my dog. If me and my dog weren’t happy nobody was gonna get much work outta me.

I have found that folks that are good 2 my dog are my best friends. They either start out my friend or they become my friend thru my dog. I will not tolerate, a rude person or a rude dog. I begin to train the person or the dog….usually the person, to act rite or we will part ways. I have never had a dog that did not act with obedience and politeness, but I have been exposed to many  people who didn’t have a clue how 2 act. So if u r good to a dog then u can b good 2 me and the lessers of life. Its easy 2 b good to people in power and celebrities and such but it takes effort 2 b good 2 some one who has little or no ability 2 HELP U. Being good unconditionally is our biggest challenge in life and our dogs show us how its done.

Unconditional love and a dogs love are mirror images. Therefore  if u r good 2 my dog u r good 2 me. And if u hate a dog, u hate me. I will one day again soon get a new dog and make a happy life for him, as soon as I get over the loss of BOO. I still feel the pain of puttin my old sick with cancer best friend 2 sleep and as I cried, my friend Dr. Conaway, said, “Jay go on home I will see that BOO hurts no more.” He was good 2 my dog….all the days of BOO’S life and even kinder 2 me…BOO is gone but not forgotten and those who were good 2 him will always have part of my heart.

So b good 2 my dog….and I will no u….2 b a good person…..and not just me but all who love doggy style…..unconditionally…..u will b happy, as u rub ur dogs ears and pat his head and he looks into r eyes and says…I LOVE U….unconditionally…..In loving memory of BOO DOG….MY BEST FRIEND FOR 18 YRS…..and those who were good 2 him will forever b my friends.