ENTRY 3……BLOGIN IS KINDA LIKE LIVING LIFE IN REVERSE….There is a lot of going back involved in trying to say something from the soul….something worth typing. I will tell all of u right now I hate 2 type and I hate silent letters. We don’t say um so why should we type um? I often boycott silent letters and some letters all together. I have found by living in reverse I don’t have 2 waste my time on things that don’t matter, and that gives me more time for what does matter. What matters 2 u?

Stop rite now and put your mind in park. ………………………………………………………do it……………stop your brain and close ur eyes after u read this line and go in reverse and see what mattered 2 u yesterday, then last week, then last month then last yr……then when u were younger…then when u were a teen …then kid …then baby. Take ur time on this one ….reflect on what matters 2 u now and what mattered then.

Interesting isn’t it how things change and what matters changes  each of us thru out life…..when it matters enough we change. And it is not always for the best. At one point in my life, I was sick of me, u, her, him, them and they and all that mattered 2 me was to not see u or hear them or talk 2 they say. I, overnite, decided to move 2 Costa Rica and leave behind my business my family my friends and my fellow Americans. I did my research,  shipped my construction tools, paid down on a piece of land, and was off to build, with my hands, a cabino in the Costrican mountain rain forest. Today I am looking forward to a return trip, vacation style, because what matters 2 me now is keeping my business alive, in a tuff recession, rite here in Pickwick Tennessee. Just 3 yrs a go I would have taken little 2 nothing to sell out of my holdings in the States. This year u will have to pry it from my cold dead fingers…….WHAT MATTERS CHANGES.

By living in reverse, I can see where what mattered in my life was not always the best use of my limited time here as me. But I did, what I thought was, what i wanted 2 do at that time of my life. And the mistakes I see when I “tri-cycle back” thru my memory bank of life, have made me all the wiser and a much better steward of my Time Here as Me. It will make u a much wiser u 2….just sayin…..Life is short as u and u and I should spend the majority of our time here happy. On my run away trip to Costa Rica, my eyes were open to the most beautiful sites and vistas in the entire world and yet my eyes were not happy; my ears heard the calls of the jungle waking up and going to sleep; my lungs breathed air so clean it taste like honey; and my body became fit and with out fat as I ate the fruits and grains typical, and yet I was not HAPPY. And in the quite of my soul a voice of simplicity spoke to my brain and said, “There is no true happiness until it is shared with someone.”

What matters…….. is that we share our desires, victories, defeats, trails and tribulations with some one……It may be ur mate, ur mom, ur friend, ur dog or ur God, but to have happiness we must share it with someone. We all deserve HAPPINESS and we spend most of our money and half our time seeking it. Buying happiness is possible I guess, even though I have yet 2 purchase it. Rather I have found my happiness thru creating. CREATING….as God did…..The creation of my family taught me how 2 create many things. We are what we create….nothing more.

So I created living in reverse so I could create daily, the thing that matters 2 me the most, time. I create a time and place where I see clearly, where I think deeply, and I love unconditionally. I have created a home where I raise children into parents and a marriage into bliss and I created so much of this by creating dinner time, and family nite, and food dishes. I am a cook, and this is my COOK BOOK OF LIFE.

I LOVE COOKING BECAUSE IT IS CREATING. We must create 2 be happy and therefore we must create time for creation. Create u some time by “tri-cycling back” and see where u r spending time on things that don’t matter. Place a high cost on ur time and make sure u spend it as u want 2. Time is given equally to all beings. How we use the gift of time, time and time again determines our level of happiness. It is ur time…..rite …now…to create u some time. If u don’t no where 2 start….start with dinner tonite and create ur favorite soul food dish and share dinner with some one…..and put a little love in the skillet…..and wala…happiness is ur creation. Remember the joy of ur momma fixin u ur favorite meal…..I do. Thx Mom for creating me and my love 2 cook….Peggy Jean Barker….her time on earth is done but her creations live on…in me and I give them 2 u.

If u would like the recipe 2 my favorite meal that my mom would fix for me when ever I returned home, just let me know thru this pages comment section……Country fried steak with white gravy, mashed taters, english peas, and cream style corn, with store bout rolls.