chapter 1 continued…wake me up early, be good to my dog, and teach my children 2 pray….do we still need the lessons of life that our parents taught us…..around the family dinner table…..I think so. So this blog is meant to take us back when table manners and such meant something and why……and reflect on how we run our lives today.

This line from a john anderson song was on my mind this morning and it ran over and over in my head….so I started thinking , when was the last time someone woke me up early….and  I determined it had to be a hotel wake up call….and I that need no one to wake me up because my internal clock does that for me….always slightly before the hour predetermined by the time I go to bed…..but really the time I preset 2 get up was determined years ago thru my raising… ancestors, my national heroes, and in general old folk, who spoke of it often and over and over….go to bed with the sun and rise with the sun…..and being all things are connected….especially me and you…..the sun is good energy to follow, I say. 

And so it was for thousands of yrs and then came modern America. Work 2 jobs to pay the man, and the wife works one for you, and the family table is no longer in the kitchen, but rather in the den or the car. A friend of mine sat by me at my daughters softball games and we would talk about such things….She said, “When I tell my kids to get ready for dinner, they all run and get in the car.” 

Gettin ready for dinner in my old friend Raba Baba’s house meant wash your hands, comb your hair and wear a collared shirt…..and proper posture…His Dad was no stricter than most in the South.

At my house, I had 2 get home for lunch and supper 30 mins before we were 2 eat. That was the 1st and most important rule of gettin ready for dinner at my house. This rule was how my parents keep up with me, because in my youth we explored all parts of the woods and played outside as far away from  home as we could go and still get back for lunch …..every non-rainy day. The table was always set and we all had our own seat at the kitchen table. We would hear momma call out, “Wash your hands. It’s time 2 eat.” And within a minute we all we were seated and Daddy would look at all of us and say, “Let us pray.” And he did as we bowed or heads, feeding our spiritual hunger before our bellies were filled with the plenty of middle class in the 60’s…..chicken.

That’s right chicken……chicken and dumplings, chicken pot pie, fried chicken, baked chicken, bbq chicken, grilled chicken, we had plenty of chicken…..chicken noodle soup when we were sick, chicken broth in beans, and dressing, chicken in the shell….better known as an egg.  I love chicken still 2 this day and crave every one of the chicken dishes I just mentioned. I will give u a recipe for each chicken dish I just mentioned if u ask me thru this page.

I think chicken will bring your family together still. Just put out the word to your siblings or children or parents or all of um and see how many show up 2 eat some chicken. Stand over your stove, put a little love in a skillet and sit down to dinner….at the dinner table…that is set with dishes, and surround by u and urs, and let chicken be prayed over once again at your dinner table.  May u be blessed so that u may be a blessing to someone else……should we be getttin ready for dinner?  Think about it and talk it over….at the Dinner Table of Life…..